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Sound Artist Ana Guedes (born in 1981 in Portugal, lives in The Netherlands), develops her artistic practice through a vocabulary of instrument building, multidisciplinary performances and installations, sound pieces and modes of scoring.

The artist weaves connections between past and present, focuses on the hollow spaces of historical narratives and how to frame the absence.

Inception of Threnody is a sound installation that explores the sonic properties of glass surfaces. An alphabet of glass sound emerges and a performative graphical score activates it’s dormant acoustic possibilities.

The visitor is invited to experience the spaces not only visually but also sonically.

Ana Guedes  was artist in residence at the Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht (2018-2019), graduated from the Master’s in Artistic Research at the Royal Conservatory and the Royal Academy of Art in Den Haag (2014-2016), nominated for the Hartwig Art Foundation Collection/Production Fund, participated in the XVIII Biennial of Cuenca, awarded the Piedra de Sal in Cuenca, Ecuador (2018), selected for the New Artists Awards 2017 by the EDP Foundation\ MAAT Museum Lisbon, Portugal (2017). 


Her works, performances and installations were shown in Botchaft Berlin-Camões Berlin / MAAT Museum, Berlin, Germany (2019), Frequencia Singular Plural, Centro-Centro Madrid, Spain (2019), Next Arts Festival, Kortrijk, Belgium (2019), Sonic Dawn – Huomo-Novos Festival, Riga, Letonia (2019), November Music Festival, s’Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands (2019),  Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2021), Gnration, Braga, Portugal (2022).

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