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“There are places outside time, in all cities. Brussels has its own, including some well-known properties, such as the gardens of Egmont Palace, or the cul-de-sacs in the city centre that have escaped destruction. But you will never have heard of the Laeken house that you will enter today. It is a well-kept secret behind a facade that discourages prying eyes.”

POLUS S. «Pharaon et gaz à tous les étages», Bruxelles dans le 1000. Hors-série Le Soir. Collection des villages de Bruxelles, 2005, pp. 90-91

The establishment is located at Avenue de la Reine 266, and we gave it the name “Queens”. Queens is a neo-classical mansion dating from 1876. It was formally owned by Emile Bockstael, mayor of Laeken, from 1887 to 1920. From the outside, the house has a classical facade. Once inside, we enter a very particular space. The stairwell is decorated with Egyptian murals dating from the 1920s. The living room is in the Louis XVI style. The dining room is lined with tapestries of village scenes. The walls of the orangery are painted with an Art Nouveau floral decoration. Like Brussels, this house adopts several styles of decoration and themes. 

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