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The Lion's Auspices by Caroline Andrin & Ana Guedes

Finissage 21/10/2023 Exhibition 01/10 - 21/10/2023 Friday & Saturday from 11am - 6pm and by appointment

The Lion's Auspices by Caroline Andrin & Ana Guedes
The Lion's Auspices by Caroline Andrin & Ana Guedes

Time & Location

30 Sept 2023, 14:00 – 21 Oct 2023, 18:00

Queens Brussels, Av. de la Reine 266, 1020 Bruxelles, Belgium

About the Event

Finissage 21/10/2023

Exhibition 01/10 - 21/10/2023

Friday & Saturday from 11am - 6pm and by appointment

Caroline Andrin (Switzerland, 1972) is a renowned ceramic artist. She works with found/assembled objects and materials, transforming them according to context and location. When she visited Queens Brussels, she was immediately struck by the atypical interior, which became the starting point for the current exhibition.

She was particularly inspired by the Egyptian frescoes lining the stairwell. The paintings come to life as objects. A lion, a gazelle, a snake and birds are all representations that evoke the forces and powers of ancient Egypt.

New works called 'rhytons' have been created. A rhyton is a ritual cup used in many ancient cultures in the Middle East and elsewhere. They are generally in the shape of an animal, with an opening at the bottom through which one can drink.Scientists believe that the first cultural invention was a kind of container, designed to hold the food gathered, and then a kind of transport net.  This very first container, a thing containing something else, would have been made by women gatherers using the fibres they found on the spot.

In the same way, the artist works with what she has on hand. To make the rhytons, she uses leather gloves, which she has been collecting for several years, as moulds. The objects obtained by casting in these flexible moulds are covered with terra sigillata in tones that reflect the colours of the different rooms in the house and mark the ritual in progress.

The Lion's Auspices will transport you into an enigmatic universe. Visitors will enjoy a transformative experience at Queens Brussels.

Sound artist Ana Guedes (Portugal, 1981) develops her artistic practice through a vocabulary of instrument building, multidisciplinary performances and installations, sound pieces and modes of scoring.

The artist weaves connections between past and present, focuses on the hollow spaces of historical narratives and how to frame the absence.

Inception of Threnody is a sound installation that explores the sonic properties of glass surfaces. An alphabet of glass sound emerges and a performative graphical score activates its dormant acoustic possibilities.

The visitor is invited to experience the spaces not only visually but also sonically.

Inception of Threnody, is a sound installation composed of Threnody #1 and #3. Threnody is a word derived from the Greek, carrying many meanings in the format of a Lament.

The two pieces enter into dialogue with rituals of the existence of a soul, and the fragility of the being.

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