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The Tree of All Seeds by Hana Shahnavaz

Hana Shahnavaz is a British-Iranian painter known for her vibrant paintings. Her work celebrates ancestral knowledge of healing in unison with the earth, told through stories inspired by Persian mythology, folklore, and traditional literature. Literary punctuations by Vafa Mehraeen.

The Tree of All Seeds by Hana Shahnavaz
The Tree of All Seeds by Hana Shahnavaz

Time & Location

27 May 2023, 14:10 – 17 Jun 2023, 21:10

Queens Brussels, Av. de la Reine 266, 1020 Bruxelles, Belgium

About the Event

Exhibition 27/05 - 17/06/2023

Friday & Saturday from 11am - 6pm and by appointment

Hana Shahnavaz (°1985), a British-Iranian artist known for her vivid, intricate paintings, invites viewers into her vibrant world. Drawing from Persian mythology and ancestral wisdom, her work embodies a deep bond with the earth. In her first solo exhibition in Belgium, The Tree of All Seeds, the artist explores the feminine force of nature, celebrating its beauty, power, and fragility. She sees the Earth as a portal to infinite possibilities, holding within it the seeds of healing and abundance. By acknowledging our inherent connection to Mother Earth, the artist suggests we can nurture these seeds, transforming our world into a more abundant space. Her work encourages us to rediscover and cherish our bond with nature.

Literary work is presented by Iranian writer Vafa Mefraeen. The complementary texts will be offered in a limited edition. Vafa Mehraeen is an Iranian journalist, human rights activist and scholar in cognitive linguistics, philosophy and ethics. Since his arrival in Belgium, he has been a resident at Passa Porta, in the ICORN programme. This allowed him to continue his interdisciplinary research in security.

As part of the exhibition, Ignace Schops, a Belgian environmentalist and biodiversity expert, will give a lecture, The Nature of Art. He is the director of the NGO RLKM and the inspirer of the Hoge Kempen National Park.

Schops is the author and co-author of several books and articles on nature conservation. His recent (2022) book Gered door de Boomkikker. De grote toekomst van mens en natuur will appear in English in 2023.

If you wish to attend the lecture, make a reservation here.

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